Gluten-free diet.

It is believed that the rejection of gluten helps maintain normal weight or even lose weight, but in reality this is not true. The most common foods that do not contain gluten, have more calories than those that contain gluten. That is why the claim that such diet helps to lose a few kilos, is incorrect.

In some gluten-free foods can be contained in 1.5 times more calories and in 4 times more fat than their analogs with natural gluten.

Most followers of this diet do not have a valid reason to give up gluten, and some even try to cure migraine, digestive disorders and other problems that are not related to gluten.

Lose weight on such diet, you can, but you need to exclude not only the gluten, but also fat, butter, fried foods, bacon, alcohol, sugar, and “simple” carbohydrates. But these recommendations are suitable for any diet.

In products that do not contain gluten, instead of wheat are used corn, soy, buckwheat and even rice. These proteins are required, therefore, manufacturers put in their products more sugar syrup and fat, and it is certainly not a gift for your body. Without such measures, the products will simply fall apart, because exactly gluten glues components and gives elasticity to dough.

Rice, beans, corn, potatoes, soybeans, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, milk and cheese, fruit – it is incomplete, but the main list of ingredients which are basis of gluten-free menu.

Today, in the shops is a special gluten-free flour, so you can completely eliminate gluten from your diet.

The gluten-free diet is low in fiber, so you need to eat foods with lots of fiber contained in rice, potatoes and vegetables. It is also necessary to correct diet in iron deficiency, folic acid, calcium, and (sometimes) B12.